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Class Council

Class Council members are appointed by the Executive Committee for indefinite terms. Appointed on the basis of their talents and interests, they often serve as volunteers at and between reunions.

Class Council Members

Donald R. Allen
Barbara J. Attardi
Jay E. Cantor
Mark S. Colman
Charles R. D'Amato
Nancy L. Einhorn
Stephen E. Einhorn
Marcia G. Epstein
Alice D. Friedenson
Robert A. Friedenson
James R. Ghiberti
Toby R. Goldberg
Phyllis R. Goldman
Elliot B. Gordon
Joan Greenspan
Arnold A. Hammer
Mary C. Hammer
Linda R. Iversen
Janet S. King
Kenneth R. Kupchak
Toby K. Levine
Stephen S. Lewenberg
John G. Looney
Judith A. Mabel
Emmett W. MacCorkle
Carol B. MacCorkle
John D. McCarthy
Stanley Morgenstein
James Munsell
Carolyn C. Neuman
Michael H. Newman
Stephen E. Newton
Nancy Nyitrai
Nancy E. Parker
Nancy C. Roberts
William D. Sanders
Henry N. Schiffman
Lawrence J. Siegel
John M. Sterba, Jr.
Deborah S. Troner
Michael B. Troner
Michael L. Wachter
Lenore J. Weitzman
Stephen L. Whitman
Lowell D. Willinger