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50th Reunion Photo Gallery

See over 1,100 photos from our 50th Reunion, all taken by classmates volunteers. They are organized into 16 categories so you can view as few or as many photos as you like.

Setting Up for Reunion (65 photos)

Thursday: Arriving on Campus (88)

Thursday: Dinner and Fun Survey (63)

Around Headquarters (45)

Friday: Class Forum (60)

Friday: All-Alumni Lunch (12)

Friday: Debate on Intellectual Diversity (15)

Friday: Reception and Dinner (192)

Saturday: Memorial Service (37)

Saturday: Picnic at Beebe Lake (75)

Saturday: Canoeing (19)

Saturday: Reception and Dinner (239)

Saturday: Cornelliana Night (24)

Sunday: Brunch (58)

Classmate Groups (73)

Around Campus (126)


Reunion Photography Team: Bob Friedenson (leader), Barbara Furman Attardi, Pat Lenihan Ayres, Jay Cantor, Marshal Case, Toby Rice Goldberg, Arnie Hammer, Mary Cantor Hammer, Robert Gray, Steve Holden, Rick Meltzer, Stan Morgenstein, Nancy Crowder Roberts, Josiah Strandberg, Julie Adams Strandberg, Debbie Simon Troner, Lenni Weitzman.

Other photo contributors: Rich Brustman, Tony DeLaurentis, Alice Dannett Friedenson, Lynn Friedhoff Feigenbaum, David Gerber, Elliot Gordon, Arlene Harrison, Toby Kleban Levine, Judith Mabel, Eileen Corwin Mason, Larry Monat, Roberta Matthews Monat, Gary R Miller, Kathy Peterson, Bruce Wagner, Ortrude Busse White.