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Dalton Price '20

Dalton is fascinated with the complexity of healthcare

One of two Class of 1964 JFK Memorial Award winners for 2020 is Dalton Price, an Anthropology major in the College of Arts and Sciences and a proud first-generation college student. When he entered Cornell, he already had a well-grounded interest in healthcare, being both fascinated with and overwhelmed by the system’s complexity. He thus strategically mapped out his undergraduate experience to work in all aspects of healthcare.

Dalton has worked on patient advocacy and policy with The diaTribe Foundation, biotechnology and intellectual property with The Microbiome Coalition, public health strategy and Medicaid finance with Aetna, international coordination and infectious disease control with the World Health Organization, biomedical and economics research at four academic institutions, and clinical work at Halifax Medical Center. He also received funding to write a book for students about the US healthcare system, to be published in 2020. Dalton noticed many cross-industry themes in this work, including a fear of becoming political, and humanitarianism’s all-too-frequent failures and role in upholding an unequal global status quo.


Receiving the award from Cynthia Wolloch, JFK Memorial Award chair

Dalton was awarded four prestigious fellowships and scholar awards and nearly ten research grants. His service impulse is exhibited in YouResearch, a nonprofit he founded to empower high school students through real world research opportunities.


Speaking at the 2020 Award reception

After graduation, Dalton will move to the UK and begin his PhD in Anthropology at either Oxford or Cambridge where he plans to study the humanitarian response to the unprecedented political crisis in Venezuela. After completing his PhD, he will begin medical school at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine in New York City.